LUMINAR NEO ! and Differences Between LUMINAR AI Explained

Luminar NEO

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Note: All the Examples in the video are not official examples by the actual Luminar NEO. They were created to demonstrate the features. Once I recieve the beta version, there will be another video. Stay Tuned!!

LUMINAR NEO Not Replacing Luminar Ai. It is Designed to work Side by side. There are two Luminars Now!! LUMINAR Neo Has few exclusive abilities Let me give you a sneak peak

1 It Uses Artificial intelligence to have precise control over exposure and tone to relight an image;

2 Automatically removes unwanted spots and dust. It might sound nothing but try to do this manually in photoshop or affinity photo I am going to use it to remove dust from scanned film negatives.

3 You can easily remove unwanted objects such as unwanted electrical wires.

4. Easily change backgrounds.

5 Add numerous images as layers to create entirely new art. And Many More

As i said, Luminar AI and Luminar Neo is here to complement each other Like DXO Family. You can Also compare it with Topaz Studio. Where You can Do traditional editing and creative editing and compositing Luminar Neo and Luminar AI can be used as a plug-in Preorder today and Know more by clicking the link here:

Do You Ever Read Description?
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