How Did I Get Monetized In YouTube Before 1000 Subscribers And 4000 Hours.

First of all, i am technically already monitized.

My niche. I teach Photography .
I have 241 videos in my channel. Currently. My first video was posted in 11 months ago.
I have video scheduled till end of September. I had to study, create scripts, make a list, practice my tutorial before each videos. I wrote tutorial, in my own wordpress website based on my videos. I have Facebook page with 340 organic followers, my own Facebook photography group with 1500+ followers (and growing) where I personally communicate with actual organic human being who subbed me. I time to time promoted using Google ads. Its useful and useless at the same time. It cost you more than you achieve.
I have a discord server which is currently empty and I am building a community from the scratch. I have people donated me via PayPal when I was at 300 subs. I currently have 3 patrons. They started supported me at 500-600 subs.

I respond to each email i receive with details. Just to record, edit, creating a thumbnail, and to post in YouTube, it takes about 4 hours per video. Including Practice, study, Creating blogs, posting in Facebook another 5 hours average. Per day. Every day, per video.

If that sounds tiring, than multiply it by 100 times. That’s what I feel..
Hope you can pick up something from it.

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