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🔊DETAILS: Imagine, Affinity Photo and Silkypix got Married and they had a Secret Baby. Meet ON1 Raw. I am going to Explain why I said that in the Video. I will explain all the major function of ON1 so that you can decide whether you should spend money or not.

Time Code0:00 Intro0:58 ON1 Interface 01:43 Navigation04:09 View Modes05:20 Performance Booster. 06:59 ON1 Presets08:23 Develop Mode ON1 08:40 Camera Profile 09:40 AI Match ON1 10:27 AI AUTO ON1 11:58 White Balance 13:00 Noise Reduction Sharpening ON113:16 Lens Correction 13:58 Level Images 14:16 Crop Tool15:20 Compare Side By Side16:22 Text Tool17:14 Local Adjustment Brush Tool18:21 Layer WORKFLOW in ON1 20:12 Portrait AI ON121:45 Frequency Separation ON1 24:08 Teeth Whitening 24:34 AI Mask ON1 27:56 Refine Mask ON1 28:16 Show Hide Mask ON1 29:11 Show Layer Mask ON1 29:20 Invert Mask ON1 29:31 Layer Mask Control 30:56 Effects ON1 31:19 Add Filters 31:54 Modify Layer ON1 31:14 Color Balance Tool33:27 Curves Tool ON1 33:39 Local Noise Reduction with Brush34:59 Focus Stacking in ON1 36:18 Panorama In On1 37:07 HDR in ON1 38:32 Export 38:35 Watermark 38:46 Output Sharpening

Personally if you have not bought anything, ON1 could be your good choice. I use Silkypix because Colour and Image Quality is more important for me than Functionality. ——————————————————————————————————

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