Europe in 100 days

| The summery of Tour d’Europe
| Budget and Planning
| Look inside our Travel Bags
Travel path animation of our trip.

This is single-handedly the longest, most expensive travel that me and Vanessa have ever going to complete. Starting from 5th of December 2019 to 14th of March 2020.

Usually people finish a trip. Then write about How it went, How much did the trip cost, the fun parts, the struggles etc. I took a different approach. More like “writing a diary” approach. So, you will see and feel what we are feeling right now and what we are doing to prepare for this trip. Happy. Stressed. Confused. Excited. Tired.

As you follow us along, You will see the end result. For instance, I myself and my wife don’t even know if our perfect planning and budgeting will work or not.

This blog is like a time machine.

Only the time will tell.

9.44am. 16/10/2019.

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