Budget For Transport

Transportation: undefined

About more than 70% of our travel will be covered by train. You can buy a pass which covers major cities of Europe by Train. Great thing about Europe is that, it has a great Rail network with High-Speed Trains. undefined
There are some companies where you can purchase Passes to travel by train.
For European Citizen or for those who reside in Europe for more than 6 months, It would be Interrail. For Non-Europeans, EURail.

*InterRail also covers Ferry service. Some free and some discounted.
Here is the link for more information.

**Please be aware,
1. They are not Train companies who run trains. They are like third-party company who sell passes on behalf of the participating countries.
2. They do not include SEAT RESERVATIONS. You must go to the station to book yourself or do online bookings. The reservations most likely will cost extra. Be prepare for that as well.

We thought about taking Interrail,
Interrail ticket 1st class 3 months pass €2404 euro for two (2) of us. The official name is Interrail Global Pass.
However, as much as we would love to take the 1st class (sigh!), we have decided to stick with the 2nd class €1804 one. For the fact that, we will be saving €600.
That is a lot of money to spend on somewhere else. (And 40€ on top to received them at home. By the way, it was really fast, less than a week!)

and there will be some travels by Plane: undefined
We will be taking 6 flights which will be costing us about €150 each flights
Total that makes €900 altogether. I guess, the idea of taking the 2nd class train is paying off after all.

undefined undefined undefined
Also, you should be prepared for extra costs for taxis, ferries, local buses, Train seat reservations and night trains (because it is extra for night trains and seat reservations for interrail or EURail.).
So, Our minimum cost of transportation comes down to €2704 (trains and flights) . Plus, extra 500€ on the side for local transportation, train seat reservations if necessary and potential ‘Night Trains’ if we have to.
*Note: All the estimates above are planned before the trip and are subject to change under various circumstances. A section will be created after the trip to show what have changed and why.

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