Visiting Sintra, Portugal. A Whole Day Trip To One Of The Most Beautiful Portuguese Destinations.

how to travel sintra?
The World Famous Pena palace. For our day trip to Sintra.

Did you know that, Bilderberg Meeting was occurred in Sintra once ?
If you don’t know what Bilderberg Meeting is then let me explain. This is where world’s most powerful people gather together to decide world’s future ( it’s a legend, but I love listening to conspiracy theories). Sintra one of the most famous places in Portugal and in the world. Which is not far from Lisbon. The capital of Portugal. Where, we were visiting from a beautiful Portuguese paradise, Lagos. We took a stop at Tunes (it is not a spelling mistake), we had our lunch. The lunch was cheap and delicious and big portion. From Tunes, we took our reserved train to Lisbon. The train ride was for about 2 hours.

Our Apartment

Once we walked out of the Lisbon station. Outside, we saw a bunch of youths. Sitting, chilling, drinking, smoking herbs and having a good time. We could see it. We could smell it. Thanks (but no thanks) for reminding us that we are old.

Best time to travel Sintra.
1 Hour Walk to sintra
Best time to travel Sintra.
We Were climbing and climbing
Fly drone in Sintra.
Unsuccessful attempt to fly our drone.

Our hotel apartment was in the center of Lisbon. We probably could take metro. But we walked instead. For 40 minutes more or less. There were a lot of climbing involved. Our apartment was not far from the Russian embassy. Not sure if that particular location was something to be excited about. But I thought it was worth mentioning. Our manager was was a lovely lady who was waiting outside in her car for us. The apartment was well equipped. Neat. Had a nice tiny little balcony. It was early evening. So, we dropped our bags off and went to the local supermarket to buy food for our following 4 nights of stays. It’s important to note that, eating outside would not hurt us. Because our nearby restaurants were in the university area. Therefore, student price. And restaurants in Portugal are usually very cheap and served with big generous portions. We ended the evening with an early dinner. And by setting our alarm for 6am. Our plan was get up early in the morning to reach somewhere in Sintra, where we can find a spot to fly our drone (Legally and far from people, houses and Heritage sites. And for a very short period of time) and to enter at the sites at the earliest possible.


Taking a day trip to Sintra was not difficult. We woke up at 6am. That part was hard. We wished we could sleep but longer. But, we made a commitment to get up early. We stick to our commitment. Sintra is a seriously busy site. And only way to enjoy Sintra without many Tourists is to get there the earliest possible. The side effects of being the most famous tourist destination in Portugal. I learned later that, Sintra is also one of the richest places in Portugal as well.

If you are wondering why Sintra is so famous?
Sintra is famous for famed for its picturesqueness and for its numerous historic palaces, Gardens and unique castles. These are located at the highest parts of the Sintra, peaking through the protected Green forest reserve. And, I save you the time by not writing about Sintra’s History. Honestly, the internet is flooded with the history of Sintra. This blog is more to share our travel experiences.

Once we arrived at Sintra railway station, We have learned that the bus starts at 9.30 am for 10am opening time. Or almost 1 hour on foot. We chose not to wait for 1 hour to catch the bus. It was a long one hour walk till the gate of Palacio De Pena. We had a hard time finding a nice spot for flying drone in Sintra. Because there were already too many people already arrived and standing at the gate. And I didn’t want to fly the drone through long trees. I didn’t have permission to fly the drone in the site so, that’s a no go. I somehow managed it anyway but VERY VERY BRIEFLY.

After that, we had two things in our minds. How to buy tickets for Sintra? And Sintra tickets Price (more specifically, Palacio Nacional de Pena or Pena Palace ticket price) . The ticket office was not yet open. But there were automatic tickets vending machines from where we could buy our tickets. Cost of Pena Palace ticket was 7.50 euro per person for the Pena Park and the Pena Palace Terrace. And 14 Euro for Pena Park, Inside and outside of Pena palace. There is a reason why this place is the main attraction of Sintra. The bright yellow and red Palace, surrounded by Forests. We went straight to the terrace of Pena, because there were not many people yet. The are stone carvings everywhere in the palace. Colourful Queens Terrace ( Relógio De Sol) were so beautiful with the view of the Sintra region. Inside of the Pena palace was really enjoyable too. But, there were already way too many people and it became a little annoying. We took many photos but some of the places inside the palace were off-limit. By the time we got outside the palace, EVERYWHERE was people with very limited amount of spaces to move.
View castelo dos mouros (photo)

Taking Sintra Tourist Bus 434 – The Circuito da Pena was important. Which cost us 2.50 euro per person. Whole area of Sintra is very steep. on foot would be very difficult. So, we took the bus from the entry gate of Pena Palace. The bus driver was cool. He gave us directions to the Quinta Da Regaleria. When the bus stopped at Sintra Center, we took a pause at the Palacio Nacional de Sintra. The National Palace of Sintra (in English) is the best-preserved medieval royal residence in Portugal. We had our well-deserved lunch not far from there. Then Headed to Quinta Da Regaleria.

Taking bus in Sintra
Sintra bus route map
Sintra Bus Timetable.
Sintra Bus TimeTable

Visiting Qunita Da Regaleria.

We spent about a good hour and a half at Quinta De Regaleria. This place is essentially a combination of a Romantic palace and chapel and a luxurious park that features lakes, grottoes, wells, benches, fountains, and a vast array of exquisite constructions. Walking around the park was quite an experience. Specially inside the dark caves, it was pretty dark. The palace and the park were owned by António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro. The palace was designed by the italian architect Luigi Manini. Another highlight of the Park is Inverted Tower which is underground and with stairs.

We headed back to the Station of Sintra on foot After a long day. Our feet were tired. The station master at the station was a funny man, who looked at our interrail Global Pass and said he intends to do the same as us. But in the east. Our train from Sintra to Lisbon was our last train trip using our Interrail Pass. It was a hard reminder that Our 100 days in Europe is coming to an end. It felt funny in the stomach.


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