A Beautiful Short Stay in Faro. It Was Worthwhile.

Should i visit faro?
Ariel View of Faro, Portugal


Our bus ride from Seville, Spain to Faro, Portugal was awesome. This was our first international bus ride in this Euro trip. 3 hours in bus and we were in another country. The beauty of Europe.

Spain to portugal By Bus
Our Bus To go to Faro, Portugal

We were having a stopover at Faro for one night. This is our first city of Portugal. In the middle of the far south coast of Portugal stands the magnificent city of Faro, the capital of the Algarve region. Interestingly, The city is often the starting point for exploring the region and reaching the various seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast. And we indent to do the same.

Espagne à portugal par bus
Our Bus ride to Faro, Portugal.


The city has a very rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage. Its citadel and the astonishing Nossa Senhora do Carmo church are the highlights! In addition to its monuments, the Portuguese city enjoys an exceptional and sunny climate throughout the year. A climate conducive to idleness but also to party, because Faro is a lively student city. For Portuguese fun, nothing better than visiting Faro and staying there for a while.

à voir à faro
Plane landing at the Faro Airport. It is a regular view from the Port of Faro.

Ok, ok. I know that I sound like a door to door salesperson. But it’s true! Because we have done the same. In fact, we liked Faro so much that, one extra night stay wouldn’t hurt us. But we have to leave after one night, unfortunately.

à faire à faro
Boats resting at the faro port


We walked around the Old Historical City of Faro. It was peaceful, Calm and Beautiful. We stopped there for a quick beer break.
The Faro Cathedral was not just beautiful and interesting, from the top of the Cathedral we enjoyed a magnificent and exquisite panoramic view of Faro. (Full ticket fare: 3,50e per person) Also, Faro airport was nearby. So, time to time there were planes flying in close proximity over the town. Two more notable things we saw in the church as was. One, the old paintings. They seriously need some care.
And Two, a Chappel made with Bones and Skulls. Yup. A Chapel of Human Bones and Skulls.
There was a preparation for some kind of festival as well in the town. Which was not far from the port of Faro. From the port of Faro, we witnessed the sunset. The trains of Faro are like old toy trains. And you literally can walk on the line.

Later that evening, we went to eat something Portuguese in a restaurant. The restaurant host welcomed us and informed us that this is the first restaurant of Faro. Service was fantastic. Food was delicious. At the end of our meals, the waiter left the bottle of Famous Portuguese Porto wine on our table as a complimentary. WOW! Thank you, you kind and generous waiter! Huh!!. First impressions till last, was just wondering about this restaurant.

So after that, we spent a little bit of time around the festival. Then walked till the port of Faro to just sit and we kept looking at the stars for a little bit.

Then we headed to our hotel. To end the day. Oh, wait! A little about our hotel. It’s nice. Neat. Breakfast was included. And most importantly, the bed was good. However, we woke up earlier than usual the next day due to the ‘noise in the morning from our neighbour’s room‘. Someone needs to get a new bed for sure. Haha!

Anyway, Faro was beautiful. And very highly recommended.

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