Bari. The Capital of Puglia

The city of Saint Nicholas. And legend has it, that this is the home of Santa Claus. Although, that particular statement is very much debatable. What the hell am I talking about? Bari.
City of Bari is the capital of the region of Puglia. It is situated on the coast of Adriatic Sea, south Italy.

Where to go in Bari?
Inside the old town of Bari

Why we are here? Well, to relax. We have just finished a hectic 3 days trip to beautiful, big and noisy capital of Italy, Rome. Where we have successfully completed our 50th days of the 100 days in Europe. Now, we needed a relaxing pause. And therefore, here we are in Bari. Bari is very far from Rome. We had 2 options by train. Normal train, which would be a 7 hours journey. Or High-speed train, a 4 hours journey. So, we took the high-speed train from Rome terminal. The train left in the morning at 8.15am and we arrived at midday at Bari central.

Best things to do in Bari
Castle of Bari

Our Apartment was about 500 meters front the station, right in the middle of the city business center. The manager of the apartment allowed us to check in before 1pm. It’s a tiny studio apartment on the 6th floor and overlooking the Business area. It had a sofa bed. Apartment has a nice balcony though.

What to visit in Bari?
Basilica of St. Nicholas

After dropping our baggages, we went straight to a local supermarket to buy some pasta and sausages for lunch and dinner. We are going to play cheap this time. Because our average food budget went to the roof!

Photos of Italy
Little roads inside the town

After a quick lunch and a coffee in a moka pot, we went for the shortest walk we have made in last 50 days. The city centre was quite vibrant with a lot of high-end boutiques.
From there we headed straight to a part of the old town in where, all the houses are built closely next to each other. Clothes were hanging outside the balcony. We dearly loved the little alleways and passages. It was like we rode a time machine and walked right inside a set of an old Italian movie. Inside that little picturistic town, we saw the Basilica of St. Nicholas and Cathedral of San Sabino. Which was built in 10th century. There was a castle just outside the old town. It’s called Castello Svevo. Which was build around 1132. We did not go inside though.

Travel Bari, Italy
Houses are really close to each other in Bari

There were not many people. And it was very very quiet and peaceful. We kind of felt like locals were curiously looking at us. Probably because, it was not a season for tourists, or they generally don’t see many tourists. I don’t know. Also, the town was really really quiet. We were not talking at all or just whispering to each other. We just arrived from Rome, which was really loud city. Therefore, Bari felt even more extraordinarily quiet.

where to visit in Bari, Italy
Little port nest to the fishing market

From there, we got out to the ocean. There was a fish market on the coast. And little port, there different color and shaped boats were floating. After spending a few more minutes near the water, we headed back to the apartment to give ourselves a very urgently needed rest. In the evening, after our dinner we noticed from our balcony that there were a lot of people walking downstairs. Seems like, Bari also has a very well vibrant nightlife on friday. It was a delight to see.

Where to visit in Bari?
Near coast of Bari

Well, it was a short time in Bari. But, we did find this city to be very dynamic and beautiful. A visit there is recommended .

Our next stop: Lecee

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