A Day trip to the Holy Vatican City

Our first complete day was fully reserved for The Vatican City. In the morning we bought a couple of metro tickets from the Rome Terminal to get to Vatican City. We didn’t find our rendez-vous point given by our agency. So, we walked inside the Vatican Museum. Where the guards told us where to go exactly. Again, pretty unnecessary. They could have just given us the actual tickets. Instead of getting to the meeting point and printing the ticket there. Anyway, of course we were offered to purchase the guided audio tours and personal tours etc. We refused politely. We were escorted by the agent to the main gate of museum of Vatican. Our ‘Skip the line’ tickets seems not so much extraordinary. Because the normal line was already thin.

The gate of the SISTINE CHAPEL and the Vatican Museum

There were 3 museums within the Main museum complex.
There was a cafeteria downstairs with a big park and a fountain. Lucky for us, it was a beautiful and a sunny day. But unfortunately the all garden was closed for maintenance. However, as much as we loved the museum and presentation. Honestly, the Vatican Vibes were still Missing in the Museum site. Then we headed to the Famous Sistine Chapel.

What is sistine Chapelle?
The Sistine Chapel is named after the Pope Sixtus IV. He commissioned it. It’s the private chapel of Pope. It is where Pope gets elected.

What The Sistine Chapel famous for?
Aside from being the residence of Pope and the place where the election held, it is also famous for some of the most famous and original artworks by many famous artists. Notably Italian artist, Michealangelo. We saw many of his paintings on the ceiling of the chapel. Including the famous Touch of God. We were strictly banned by the official to take photos in the room.
Personal opinion: Sistine Chapel is like Louvre. And this room with the Famous painting of Michaelangelo, is like being in the same room where Mona Lisa’s painting is. Except, in this room you can not take any photos.

Where can I buy tickets for Sistine Chapel and how it costs:

The official website for the Vatican city is http://m.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani-mobile/en.html
From where we could have bought the tickets. If it worked properly. It is recommended to buy tickets in advance to avoid last minute technical interruption. 17 Euro for the tickets of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. 4 Euros extra if you do online. Revenue for the tickets are the main source of the income for the Vatican City.

There are many many books and documentaries available on Sistine Chapel. So, I am not going to the details of everything. But, it was worth the visit.

Then we walked out of the Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Walked to another direction that took us to the gate of Vatican. It was understandably a very highly secured area. At the beginning of the gate, we saw the office of the Interior Ministry of Vatican city. And a guard who was wearing renaissance era red orange and blue uniform. It is true then. We are officially in a different country.

The Swiss Guards of the Vatican City.
the swiss guard of the vatican

These guards with colorful uniform at the gate of Vatican are the Swiss Guards. Vatican has the smallest military troops in the world. Who are actually swiss citizens. They are highly trained ex swiss personal. Who are now responsible for the protection of Pope. They are young unmarried Roman Catholic. And has no alliance with Swiss Military.

We reached at the St. Peters Square. With a big column in the middle which was brought from Egypt. In the front, it was the Basilica of St Peter’s. We had to go through a security gate to get into Basilica. From the foreground of the basilica, we could see the complete view of St. Peter’s and behind on top of us, there was the famous Balcony. From where, Pope gives his blessings. Inside the Basilica, everything was big and beautiful. Artistic. Every corner of the Vatican has something meaningful to offer And other artistic works. You can climb the 491 steps of the dome to have a better view after buying a ticket from inside.

After a good long stay, we have decided to head to the apartment by metro.

In Summery.

Is Vatican City a country?
Yes. Vatican city is a country within Rome. It has its own Passport, Euro, Military troops, Governing body. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. With the smallest Military troops in the world. The Vatican City has become a sovereign country in 1929 by a treaty, which was sign between the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on behalf of the Italian King and The Vatican City. Which stopped the disputes between the Catholic Church and Italian government.

Ticket for Vatican City

It is free of cost to visit Vatican City. But the museum and Sistine Chapel will need paid tickets.

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