A Relaxing visit in Beautiful Florence

Did you know that, Florence is the Birthplace of Renaissance? Our visit to Florence was as short and quick as it was in Pisa. But we stayed for 2 nights. So that we could take a pause to take a rest.
Florence is Firenze in Italian. We arrived at Santa Maria Novella station in Florence at around 1pm in the afternoon.

Our apartment

the monuments of florence
This monument was too big to fit

Our apartment was in the Historic city centre. The city centre is a world heritage site. Even though, our check in was at 3pm, the landlady allowed us to drop our bag off at the apartment and let us the key. So that, we could have a lunch, walk around the city centre a little bit and then get back at 3pm or whenever we want. The favour was already amazing. On top of that, she gave us a map. And marked the best locations of Florence to visit. And also marked the supermarkets for groceries. Informed us that, selling of alcohol is not permitted after 9pm in supermarkets. According to her, Florence is small enough to visit in one day by just walking around. Visits in different sites and museums will need extra time of course. The apartment is beautiful and modern. Pretty well equipped. Only noises we could hear were from outside. Other than that, perfect place for us.

Piazza Duomo:

Piazza Duomo

After dropping our baggages, we went to get some lunch. It was a beautiful, sunny day with touch of cold breezes. Buildings of the city center were the renaissance styles, colorful with small windows. We stumbled in front of the really really and really big cathedral called Santa Croce on  Piazza Duomo. It has white and green stripes. It was so big that none of our cameras could fit in the frame.
The Piazza is rassembling the Basilica Di Santa Maria del  Fiore, the Duomo, the Campanile di Giotto, the Battistero and the Museo dell’opera del Duomo, in English, Museum of the work of the Cathedral. This place contains some of the most important artworks in the world. Including the work of Michelangiolo. It will cost you 18 euros to visit everything and good legs to comb in the Duomo and the Campanile. Be careful it’s closed on Monday. A tip from our landlady : visit the old drugstore which kept the authenticity of the place.
We enjoyed our lunch with a beautiful and delicious Risotto and Ossobucco.

Piazzale Michelangiolo

Later in the afternoon, our mission was the Piazzale Michelangiolo. Or Michelangelo Square. It’s a square on the south side of the Arno river, the river of Florence. We took the route from Piazza Duomo to Piazza Croce where its Basilica Santa Croce built in 1294, the largest Franciscan church in the world. We took a walk alongside the river from Bibiloteca Nationale. We then crossed a bridge called, Ponte Allé where you can see the famous Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge of Florence. The design of the Riverside walk looks like the French Boulevard style.

There were small and big stairs to reach the top of Michelangiolo Piazza. On the way at the stair, we were stopped by  a volunteer who requested us for a signature and a donation for a Society that fighting against drugs and helping the addicts. She was apparently 3 years clean as well. Because both of us has some knowledges related to this kind of problems, therefore we decided to contribute. From the top of the Piazzale Michelangiolo, we enjoyed a wonderful panoramic view of the Florence. There is reason why Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Now we can see why. We never know when we will get back in Florence in future. So certainly we have spent enough time there to give pleasures to our eyes. On the way back to our apartment we did some groceries for 2 dinners, one breakfast and one lunch.

The best photos of florence
Panoramic view of Florence


best photos of florence
San Marco Square

Our goal for the 2nd day was mostly to chill and be lazy. Something that our bodies and minds really needed. However, to take advantage of the sunny day we went for a morning walk. Kind of late morning walk. It was sunny like the day before. But really windy. Our first stop was Piazza San Marco or San Marco square. The square was named after the Church of San Marco which was built in 17th century.

Next stop was Piazza Della Liberta.
Which is essentially a big round about with two historical gates. One of the gates called Porta San Gallo which was built in 17th century. The 2nd gate is called Triumphal Arch of Lorraine.
Not far from there we went for Fortezza De Basson. But we couldn’t get inside. Hence we just walked passed. Final stop was Mercato Centrale.
This is where all the fresh and locally produced products are available. We didn’t have enough space nor we had enough time to buy and cook something nice unfortunately. Otherwise we would definitely go for a shopping spree.

We were back for lunch. And rest of the day we just basically relaxed as much as we could.

Can not wait for our next destination. Roma.

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