A Short Visit to Padua

Let’s get up at 4.20am in the cold morning!” Said no one ever.

Train to Padua
Train Ride to Padua

And neither did we. But we were obliged to catch our 6am train to Padua (Padova in Italian) from Ljubljana, via Trieste and Venice. We have visited Venice once not too long ago. A blog about it will come soon. Venice is beautiful enough to be visited many times. But our time and budget didn’t allow us this time. Why Padua? It is a beautiful Italian province of Veneto and also worth paying a visit.
But we are also here for family matters. So, it permitted two of us to make a cheeky stroll around Padua.

Carrying our backpacks from our apartment in Ljubljana to the train station was not a fun time. Because, we were staying at a roof top apartment with no lift, had to walk for about 30 minutes from apartment to the station. It was extremely cold and dark and finally, did we mention that was 4.20am?
Argh. Not to mention that we slept only for 5 hours.

The train ride of Padua was pleasant though. We could see the sunrise and the countryside of Northern Italy. We had a quite long stop at Trieste and Venice. As we reached in Padua at midday, we had to find a way to spend 3 hours in the city before our check-in time at 3pm.

Piazza Dei Signori
Piazza Dei Signori

There was a restaurant we found in the old town of Padua called Alle Piazza, where we made a booking for 12.30pm. The kind waiter offered us to leave our backpacks in the restaurant. It allowed us to walk around the city by being lightweight for 30 minutes. And then we returned to the restaurant at 12.30pm. Our food was Devine. And so was the wine and service. Then we walked around Piazza Dei Signori. Aka Padua Square which is dominated with a clock tower and a fountain. While we were waiting for our table to be ready.

Our apartment was still far on foot. But after finishing our lunch at 1.45pm, we took a long slow walk to the apartment. At 2.15pm we reached at the apartment. Because there was a manual lock for our access, it permitted us to check in 30 minutes early.

After dropping our big backpacks, we went for a walk around Padua. There were full of people, understandably because it was sunday and sunny. Did you know that, Galileo used to teach in University of Padua? Any way, it was easy to get around the city on foot. There were many ancient PIAZZA (Public Squares), PALAZZO (Palace) and BASILICA (Churches but big ones) (add links in the words with meaning) are all over the province.


The most notably PRATO DELLA VALLE was our first stop. It is a huge square with fountains, statues, man-made canals and trees Which happens to be the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.
From here, BASILICA PONTIFICIA DI SAN ANTONIO DI PADOVA was visible. The church was gigantic, beautiful and historical. There were Sunday prayers going on. Indoor design was very eye catching. It was built in the year 1232 after the death of San Antonio.

We walked around PALLAZZO DELLA RAGIONE as well. It is town hall from Medieval Era.
Overall, our rapid visit of Padua was satisfactory. Personally, one day is sufficient for exploring Padua.
Then we did a quick groceries for a dinner and took a walk back home via the enormous cathedral called PADUA BAPISTARY. Another landmark of Padova ( Padua in english) And, we slept like a baby…

If you are interested to know more about Padua to plan your visit, Go to the official Padua website to plan your visit
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