Travelling in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Did you know that, Hello in Slovak is Ahoj (Ahoy!). Felt like captain jack Sparrow everytime we said that.
We were pretty lucky to be in a direct train from Krakow, Poland to Bratislava, The capital of Slovakia.

Us on top of the Bratislava castle. Danube River and UFO bridge in the background.

Well, ‘almost’ direct train. Because it was 6 hours for the first train trip and 1 hour for the 2nd. Our train was at 13h. With 40 minutes of difficult uphill walk from the Bratislava station to the hotel, it was just under 8 hours of travel in total and only bit of energy we had left after this physical for was to just eat something and sleep. The hotel was not that far, we were just lost. Plus it was hard work to walk uphill with a lot of backpacks.

Our Hotel Room

Our Hotel was nice. But the walls were really thin. So everything could be heard. Surprisingly we did sleep like a baby though. That how much we were tired. The receptionist dude was nice enough to offer us his help to order pizza on phone. That was sweet of him because we had no food with us, there weren’t any restaurants near us and we were very tired to leave the hotel room. Next day was the last day of 2019. And we were in the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. We had 3 goals:
# What to do and what to see in Bratislava?
# Where to celebrate NYE in Bratislava?
# How to use Public transports in Bratislava?

Little bit about Slovakia and Bratislava:
Even though a lot of people would argue that Slovenia in central Europe, but it is actually Slovakia. On January 1st 1993, Czechoslovakia separated peacefully into two new countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.And Bratislava is called Pressburg in German and Pozsony in Hungarian. It is situated on the Danube river and there is a big castle next to it. Also there is a bridge called “Most SNP ( Slovak National Uprising) Bridge” or “UFO bridge” because it has a unique design with a UFO-shaped tower.

Bratislava from another Angle

To get aound the city, transportation was really neended because Bratislava is actually a high hill type city. Meaning that there would be a lot of uphill and Downhill walks. So, we headed to our nearest stop. We saw an automatic vending machine where there are many ticket options available. We brought an all-day ticket for 3.50€ per person (only for inner city). Pretty decent price really.

The bus took us to the stop near the Presidential Palace. From there we took a nice walk till the River through the old City. However, we stopped at the area which looks like a big square with a lot of Historical monuments and statue. The name of the square is Hlavné námestie. It also contains many Slovak governmental offices and institutions, such as the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Justice.

Because it was lunchtime and for 31st of December we wanted to eat in a nice restaurant, we went to the Koliba Kamzik to try some classic Slovak food, like the typical potatoe dumpling. They were not really generous with our wine glass though but pretty big amount of food for our day journey.

Then we cross the Danube river via a beautiful open bridge. The view was excellent. You won’t be able to enjoy such a view in Sydney harbour bridge for example as it’s enclosed everywhere for “safety” purpose.

The Presidential Palace Bratislava

We went to the other side mostly to fly our drone in order to get a grand view of Bratislava from a quiet place. We were not disappointed. Then transportation back to the hotel.
We did some groceries because we know the everything would be closed soon.
We knew where would be the fireworks which were near the river. But our tired body refused to leave so, we watched movies at the hotel.
At midnight, we made an attempt to fly the drone to see the fireworks. It was too far.
Then there were fireworks near our hotel. Funny.
We didn’t go near fireworks. Fireworks came to us. Genius!

On the first day 2020 in Bratislava, we decided to explore the Castle.
Being on the top area of Bratislava, this castle can be visible from almost any part of the city. From the castle, you can enjoy a good view of the city, the Danube river and the UFO bridge. We certainly did enjoy the view. Then we got down and walked past the St. Martin’s Cathedral to another Church which reassembles a quite unique design and colour.

Travel Bratislava. What to do in Bratislava?
City of Bratislava from the sky. Background: UFO Bridge on the Left, Bratislava castle on the Right.
Foreground/: The whole city

It’s blue. I mean, it’s really really blue in colour.
Officially known as Church of St Elizabeth of Hungary or simply Blue Church of course.
Our dinner that evening was pretty darn simple. Because everything was closed and we had finished what’s left.

Next stop: Vienna

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  1. Looks like you had a nice stay in Bratislava. It really is a city that takes time to really understand and love. After living in Bratislava for a year and a half, moving back to Sweden in 2014, it is a city I love returning to annually. And even after all this time it still comes with new surprises and sights every time. 🙂

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