Travel Europe in 100 days

This is single-handedly the longest, most expensive travel that me and Vanessa have ever going to complete. Starting from 5th of December 2019 to 14th of March 2020.
Usually people finish a trip. Then write about How it went, How much did the trip cost, the fun parts, the struggles etc. I took a different approach. More like “writing a diary” approach. So, you will see and feel what we are feeling right now and what we are doing to prepare for this trip. Happy. Stressed. Confused. Excited. Tired.
As you follow us along, You will see the end result. For instance, I myself and my wife don’t even know if our perfect planning and budgeting will work or not. This blog is like a time machine.
Only the time will tell.

Sourov and Vanessa

9.44am. 16/10/2019.

Travel Europe in 100 days
Click here to open the live (En direct) map. Because we will live update if there are any change.

Everything bellow are subject to change. We did try our very best to plan everything.
That being said, being spontaneous is also a crucial part of a good trip. We will keep you posted and will provide and update during the travel. Also, at the end of the trip we will create a video of “Before and After” to tell you what have changed and why.

Days: For 100 days (5th of December 2019 to 14th March 2020)
12 Countries, 42 Cities, 6000 kilometres by 6 flights, 9645 kilometres by Train, Ferris and Bus.
Paris, The capital of France is our starting point. Geneva, Switzerland is our first stop. Last stop is Porto, about 310km North from the Capital of Portugal Lisbon.

Rough Budget: €5000 to €6000 per person (50€ to 60€ per day per person)
Season: Winter

In term of the climate, it is going to be really cold as you can assume. For example, Poland and around North-East can go as low as -15° to -30° Celsius in December. And the warmest Place would be Portugal. Specially, Madeira. Because we will be there in March. And it is an island near african coast.


This is the Fun Part!!

  1. Switzerlandundefined
    by Bus to Geneva > Montreux by train> Interlaken by train> Lucerne by train> Zurich by train
  2. Germanyundefined
    Munich by train
  3. Netherlands undefined
    Amsterdam by train
    Back to…
  4. Germanyundefined
    Hamburg by train > Berlin by train
  5. Polandundefined
    Gdansk by train> Krakow by train
  6. Slovakia undefined
    Bratislava by train
  7. Austriaundefined
    Vienna by ferry > Salzbourg by train > Graz train
  8. Sloveniaundefined
    Ljubljana by train
  9. Italy
    *all cities in Italy by Train
    Padua > Bologna > Cinque Terre
    Monterosso > cinqueterre Riomaggiore > Pisa > Florence > Rome ( THE CITY, VATICAN CITY, COLOSSEUM > BARI > LECCE > POMPEII > NAPOLI
  10. Greeceundefined
    ATHENS BY PLANE > PAROS by ferry > Naxos by ferry > Santorini by ferry
  11. Spain undefined
    Barcelona by plane> Valencia by train> Madrid by train> Seville by train
  12. Portugalundefined
    Faro by bus> LAGOS BY TRAIN> Lisbon by train> Madeira by plane > Porto by train.

    Back Home to,
  13. France undefined
    Paris by plane

3 Replies to “Travel Europe in 100 days”

  1. Impressive schedule for such a long trip. Noticed that you have gotten to Bratislava and I can assure you that you still have a lot of amazing places left. (Maybe not as amazing as Bratislava though). Ljubljana, Valencia and Madeira is at least really nice. Pisa and Florence was a bit overrated in our opinion, but it will be interesting to hear your thoughts once you have been there. Athens? Probaby the most chaotic big city in Europe. 🙂


    1. Thanks buddy. It is tiring. Yet something crazy. Thanks for the suggestion. Athens is chaotic! Balls. I guess it would be calm during winter season? Right? I hope! Lol. To be honest, being from Bangladesh and living in Australia for 11 years, this is a crazy trip. It is amazing how everything close to each other. And how much history that practically changes the face of Earth.
      Thanks for your time my friend. Hope you continue to love my ameteur blogs….

      Liked by 1 person

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