Who are we?

Travel as a couple . honeymoon
This is us.

Sourov Deb is a photographer and a former Coffee specialist who lived and worked in Australia for 11 years. He recently finished a trip around Europe in 100 days by traveling to 11 countries and 39 cities. He currently lives in a French Island called Reunion Island. His current projects are creating online courses, creating a photo-based documentary about European cities he visited and working as a freelancer with the local tourism board.

And his wife Vanessa, who has travelled way more than he have. She is a singer who helps “people in need” as her job. Most importantly, she is adventurous. What is great about their marriage is that they think alike. They don’t take their lives for granted and want to explore the world as much as they can. That is why they have travelled together in past and they are packing their bags and leaving to go around Europe for 3 months. Mostly by train. During winter. And they have decided that they are going to share everything with you.

This website is focused on 3 key areas. Tourism, Photography/Videography and Software.
Because they are related.

Thank you for visiting.

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