Travelling in Hamburg: The City of Hamburgers

Exploring Hambourg.

After a home-like breakfast in the morning, we headed straight to Planten In Blomen via a big white tower which looks like some sort of telephone tower. It called HEINRICH HERTZ TOWER. It is in fact a landmark radio telecommunication town of Hamburg.

The Park however was exactly as it was described. Lots of beautiful unknown trees, a little pond where ducks were roaming around. I realized at the time that my telephone was missing due to my lack of memory. Hence, we won’t be flying our drone today.

Walking around the city was quite an experience. They do have dedicated bicycle lanes and pedestrian lanes side by side. People are pretty active. Traffic’s on the road were not that bad. And of course, Christmas markets. many of them. We walked through one by the lake BINNENALSTER. Which seems to be a sub-lake of Main Alster Lake.
It was hard to resist the smell of chocolate, sausages and other food in that market therefore we walked in to another Christmas market next to Rathaus. It’s the Hamburg city hall built in 1886 to 1897. We had crepes with Nutella and banana. It was delicious and sugary enough to give us some energy.

That area in general is a famous marketplace on canal that again remind us of market place of Venice.
Right after, we got struck by an enormous monument.
The church of St. Nicholas. Or whatever left of it after the bombing of Hamburg in world war 2. We tried our best to look around this 147m tower without giving us any neck pain.
As we reached to the famous warehouse district, it was delightful to see the architecture and design of the buildings on the canals.

And eventually we had reached to the Port.
It was full of massive cargoes, ships. Pretty busy and environment was pretty enjoyable.
By this time we were relatively far from our apartment but we took a walk instead of public transportation. Just look around Hamburg city as much as possible.
Luckily though, there was another landmark not too far. The Church of St Michael.
Another beautiful Baroque church in Hamburg.

3rd biggest port in Europe

We became so tired by the time that took a little pause at a Park. I even dared to blog. Which was horrible to watch.
After that devastating effort of vlogging, we had eventually headed to our hotel.

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