Travelling in Hamburg – Part #1 : Another bad train journey from Amsterdam.

A Little bit about Hamburg

Did you know that Hambourg has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice?
And people of Hamburg are called hamburger.
Yup. Hamburger.
Like , people of Frankfurt are called Frankfurter. So don’t get confused if you see the name Hamburger everywhere in Hamburg. They are certainly not restaurants.
It is the 2nd biggest city after Berlin. Port of Hamburg is the 3rd busiest cargo port in Europe and 19th busiest in the world on Elbe River.
Hence, the city literally has a warehouse district. Which happens to be the largest warehouse complex in the world.
So, certainly it is important trade city and a major transportation hub of Europe . Also, it has a big collection of medieval church and other historical buildings.
But it features a garden called “Planten In Blomen” with a decent sized botanical garden and largest Japanese garden in Europe. And Alster Lake is a very beautiful location from where you can enjoy a Formidable view of Hamburg. We certainly did.

Amsterdam to Hamburg by Train. What Happened?

We felt like this with German Transportation

We took the train from Amsterdam at 11. On the dot. They arrived at 11am and leaves almost at the same time. Hard to understand the logic behind it.
It is again a connecting train. So we have 20 minutes of stopover at OSNABRUECK which was written in top of our seats in the led screen left to our seat numbers?

But the German DB train services didn’t fail to disappoint us. Again.
Few stops before Osnabrueck the train stopped for 10 minutes to fix a little problem with the train. And German border police came in with sniffer dogs. Guess why!
Long story short………
After several amounts of good panic attacks, we are finally heading to Hamburg!!!!
We arrrived in Hamburg with 5 minutes advance, went straight to the DB customer service area where we booked for Berlin train seats. Then with a nice smile, he asked us if we needed to make any more bookings. We said it was not important but if he could book us as well from Berlin to Poland then, Why not. He proceeded, and gave us bad news. Looking for the best direct line was not possible potentially because it is full for holiday season.
He booked us another line which has like 3 connecting lines. Didn’t we love it already!

The entry of our stay

We left the station with stress for our Poland trip and future trips during the holiday season.
Then we walked about 30 something minutes to our hotel. Can not say we love this kind of long walks with baggage occasionally. It is tiring.

Our royal accommodation

It called the Fink Hotel. It is exact opposite of our last accommodation in Amsterdam
Our room is huge!! And very art deco type. We felt pretty royal. We literally walked in our room with our mouths wide open in surprises. It was like we walked in to time machine and got back in time.
It was like getting into a castle.

Artistic roof, painting on the wall, a bed that can fit 3 people, a dining table and a couch.
Later our host who was a 60 something years old lovely German lady told us that the building is from 19th century. More like from the end of 1890 something. Next morning, the breakfast as well was quite an experience. We felt like in a royal kitchen of someone’s house where our imaginary grandma was making us breakfast. So far, the best accommodation we have ever had in last 15 days.

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