A painful train ride from Munich to Amsterdam

Remember in our last blog we said reservation was a good idea? And that was still not enough? To get out of trouble? Let us explain.

Just like Switzerland, here as well we still had a connecting train to go from Munich to Amsterdam. We saw in the website before that to be Munich > Frankfurt > Amsterdam.
But Frankfurt > Amsterdam was already fully booked when we went to reserve our seat. Therefore new itinerary: Munich > Hanover > Amsterdam. Which was even longer than the previous.
And we had 8 minutes to change at Hanover to the train for Amsterdam.
Our train was a high-speed train. Pretty sleek looking next generation with bar, free WiFi etc.

Traying to make long journey fun.

We were passing by the countryside of Germany. No mountains or lakes like Switzerland. More green scenario, fields and farmhouses.
And the high-speed train stopped in the middle of nowhere for 20 minutes and broke. Everybody had to get off just one stop before Hanover to get another train which was due 22 minutes later. Our original train for Amsterdam was long gone.
Our next-generation high-speed train was no good.

Stopover at Hanover

We arrived at Hanover eventually. Then headed straight to the customer service area with the hope that there is another train soon and we don’t have to spend the night in the train station. Wouldn’t be fun in the winter.
And luckily we have another one in about 1 hour. We reserved 2 seats without a 2nd thought.
The receptionist lady explained to us in 100% German about the ticket. And gave us on top an envelope saying we could ask for a refund for the previous reservation. Sweet!
So we waited in MC for a coffee and got on the train for Amsterdam.
The train was PACKED!! Damm.
There were people seating in our reserved seats. People were on the floor or standing.
Finally, after all the chaos..we were heading to Amsterdam.

Our hotel room on the roof.

After a long and slow journey, we have arrived in Amsterdam.
First impression? We are tired was an understatement. Plus it was a difficult task to get our of the station without a magnetic ticket. Because ours are different. so we called someone to open the gate for us. The station looks modern. The smell of weeds in the air. Outside, water and canals boats, people partying in on Sunday night. It is a beautiful town I have to say. But marijuana and sex shops everywhere.
But the beautiful canals, boats, bicycles, little Bridges and old historical designs that caught our eyes.
That said, we were tired and checked in to the Hotel
Our room was at the top floor. And we had to climb out the narrow stairs. It was really narrow to walk up with our baggage.

I could not pee or Brush by standing

Our room was really at the roof. And perfect for the characters of the Hobbits.
But we were happy because finally an accommodation with good beds.

Shower was not made for tall people.

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