Can you fly a drone in Switzerland?

Answer is, Yes You can.

But it depends on:
why? When? Where? Weather conditions and type of drone you are flying.
In our Switzerland Trip we went to Geneva, Montreux, Interlaken, Lucerne and Zurich. In This Trip we took our trusty Fuji xt20 , Panasonic bridge camera, Trusty GoPro 7 black and the new DJI MAVIC MINI.
But rules apply for any drones.

In Geneva, we literally could not fly the drone. Because you need to unlock authorization via DJI website.
Remember that Geneva is a diplomatic city. Government and international office buildings are everywhere and airport is not far. So, you almost can not fly there. And I don’t want to get in trouble for the sake of just having fun.

Montreux : Yes! Easily. But not near train lines, building or public areas. Near Lake and far from public and train lines , definitely yes.
And you would get some beautiful Ariel shots with it. But there were too many birds, so be careful with it.

Interlaken: again yes. It is a mountainous region. Known for outdoor activities.
We flew is bit far from the town, and from lake Brienz.
However, we could not fly another day at lake Thun because it was raining for a while. When it stopped, there were no gps signal. So, the drone was hovering at 30 feet without moving.
Our guess would be cloudy day was the reason for the lack of GPS interference.

Lucerne : There were too many small airports and helipads throughout the town. So, we could fly. But no more that 120 feet. So, we didn’t fly in the Town. However, we took the drone on top of mount pilutus. On top of the 7000 feet.
It was less than 0 degree there and was covered with white snows everywhere.

Again bad weather. Because, it is not reccomended to fly the drone when the temperature is less than 0 degree. Plus, there were radio antennas all over the place for communication purposes.
So, we were sure that there would be interferences and we would potentially lose contact with our drone.
Again, it was a no go.
I personally don’t recommend you to push your luck either.

It is a real city. You can fly. But
By law, You must:
Keep direct visual contact with the drone
Remain 100 m away from people. It’s Zurich. People are EVERYWHERE.
Remain 5 km away from airports. We were not far.
Respect no-fly zones. However, there were no “no-fly zone” where we were staying. But, that itchy feeling doesn’t go away.
Have insurance for drones over 500 gr (mine is 249gm)
Can not fly over 150 metres. Didn’t have any intention either.
Can not fly at night. We had no intention and I think you would be breaking the law if you do so anyway because there would be less visibility.
Plus, sky of zurich is full of commercial and government aircraft.

After this long list, we were far for being interested to fly drone in Zurich.


We live in a very regulated world today unfortunately. So, fly the drone. Get some great footages, photos but by following the local laws. Don’t push your luck.

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