Travel in Zurich, A great Swiss city

Maybe we were a little bit over on the same views of mountains, lakes and green lands where beautiful cows and other domestic pets and houses on both sides repeatedly. Hence we made an executive decision, ” do nothing whatsoever”
Before we could our “Do nothing” moment properly, there was an announcement. The train has already arrived in Zurich.
Well, that’s quick! It used to took longer to get our home from Paris each day.

Zurich SSwitzerland

Our base camp
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It was a homestay. Like Interlaken, no reception. Just an automatic machine (looks like one of those vending machines you see in the nightclub toilets or train stations. wink wink).
The homestay was pretty far this time from the Zurich main train station. We took a 40 something minutes walk. Idea is to look around the city while walking to our hotel at the same time.

Zurich: First impressions.

We like it. It is a busy city. But in an organized matter. Reminds of Melbourne. Trams and bicycles everywhere, restaurants, cakes and concepts bars in almost every blocks, not too high office buildings, graffitied, old historical sculptures, little fountains, mountains are peaking through the building in the far distance (unlike Melbourne). Yeah. This is a good city. Didn’t feel any Parisian stresses.

So, we got into our room. Pretty big with two beds. Three rooms total on our floor. A big shower and a kitchen shared. Our neighbour next door is a Ukrainian national who lives in Munich for his PhD and in Zurich for some study work. Good chap. We have heard some voices in the 3rd room but have not seen anyone.
At afternoon around 4 p.m., we left the hotel to take a walk around the city. As mentioned earlier, it is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city. Parks, little canals, antique shops, cafes, bars, restaurants are everywhere. Public Transportation is extremely well organized. You almost won’t need private transportation to get around. Or bicycle or even by walk.

We had a nice walk on both sides of the river in the center of Zurich. And walked through the cute little alleyways. There are a lot of church-like towers with clocks in them. And little fountains of drinkable waters everywhere. If you care about ecology and pollution, then all you have to do is to carry a reusable bottle with you.

In the evening we stopped by at an old coffee shop for some nice hot chocolate.
The delicious swiss hot chocolate has us enough energy to head back slowly to our hotel.
We then have ended our day by eating instant soup, banana and Clementine for dinner.
And with that, we also have ended our short stay in Zurich and our time in beautiful Switzerland.

Using public transportation in Zurich.

Next day we took a classic tram to head back to the main train station of Zurich. We bought 2 tickets from the automatic ticket machine. Note: some machines do not take cash. You may have to use bank cards for payment. We were 2 hours early at the station so to spend the spare time to walk around the Christmas market inside the train station. Tried some swiss and German food and blew away our last bit of swiss cash on hot chocolate and sweets. Train arrived. We found ourselves a nice seat.

And boom!! French power plugs in the train. Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally no need for power adapter. A clear reminder that we are heading back to the European Union.
Vive la France. Vive la Europe!
Next stop: Munich. Home of Bayern Munich.

4 Replies to “Travel in Zurich, A great Swiss city”

  1. We had a chance to visit Zurich many years ago and absolutely loved every minute of it 😀 would love to go back one day to see if I still feel the same. Thanks for sharing and safe travels 😀 Aiva 😊

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