Travel in Lucerne, Switzerland

Leaving beautiful interlaken for Lucerne
Movie-like Mount Pilatus, Lucerne

We woke up early to pack up ourselves.
Weather: Sunny, White cloud and no rain.
It did however snowed for a very brief moment. There were a couple downstairs who needed our help to contact the landlord to get access. They couldn’t because their battery ran out and the landlord does not live here.
Once we arrived at the station at 10 am we realized that we have a train at 10.04 so obviously, we ran and got on the train.

Lucerne Switzerland.

Another Memorable train ride.

Well, in short: Lake, mountain, sun, view from the top of the mountain looking over the city. As the train going up in high altitude everything turned from Green to Complete white. Fluffy snow was everywhere. Felt like Christmas. Could not take my eyes away for one second.
Yes, we know these views are very repetitive, but we do not get to see these every day. So, we took full advantage of the train ride.

View form the train window
Arrival of Lucerne 

undefined When we arrived at the station first impression was, it is a busy and vibrant city, unlike Interlaken quieter. We arrived early and it was a good day so we thought it could be a good idea to take advantage of it and go to the mountain. Our decision proved to be a good idea when the weather report for the following day seemed to be a lot cloudy and -2°.
We headed to our hotel which was about 10 minutes walk from Lucerne station. We walked alongside the river Reuss and the city’s famous landmark Chapel Bridge, a wooden bridge from the 14th century.
Our hotel was more inside the town. For some reason, it gave us Venice vibe. Maybe because there are Italian restaurants everywhere (well, Indian restaurant as well but they blended well, huh!). The roads were narrow and the floor was made with stones, walls had Italian design and it’s next to a river. Well, just our opinion.

Our Hotel apartment:

It was not bad. Neat. But 20 euro deposit to have kitchen equipment seems quite silly, which the receptionist person didn’t really tell us at the time of check-in. There were not enough mugs, plates and cutleries.
So we settled down and unpacked, at 1.30 we went downstairs to the agency next to us to get information about Pilatus from a local agent near our hotel. You can reach there by bus 1 from the train station.
A quick note: buses look like trams but they are actually bigger than a traditional bus and run with electric.
The agent told us that the Funicular of the mountain was closed and so was the boat due to offseason. Last cable car is at 16h30 to get back down or 1 hour walk back if we miss the cable car. 2nd option would be a horrible idea.
We purchased 2 tickets for 116chf and took the bus. Walked till the cable car station near the mountain. There are actually 2 Cable cars to go to the top. 1 till halfway and another till the top of the Mount Pilatus.

Panoramic view from the top of Mount Pilatus.

From the cable car, you could see the lake Lucerne, the city itself and the cliff of the mountains at the front. The ground under us was turning front green to complete white. And the view was almost Christmas-like.

We reached, enjoyed the view from the top, went to a few caves and played with the dragon stone legend. Trust us, it was cold ion top of the mountain. therefore, It was our excitement that kept us warm I think. At 16h30 when we were heading down we realized that our feet were really cold and the reason behind it was, our feet were sweating earlier. And now the temperature is minus 0° Hence the trouble. Hopefully, it was not for long.
Then a quick stop at COOP (Same as Migros). Turned out, they sell alcohol as well ( We are not alcoholic, it’s just to let you know that is all). So, only Migros does not sell alcohol.
Back to the hotel by the river again. Beautiful view in the night too. And it was a full moon.

Inside the local bus. Heading to city
Strolling around the city.

Honestly, big modern cities are not our thing. Luckily, Lucerne has preserved most of its old castles and architectures. And they are still using them till this day as museums or building something around it.
Roads are not really flat. You sometimes have to go upwards of downwards. Again, we felt the Italy vibes. Then we headed back to the hotel in the afternoon. And pretty much relaxed and watch movies. And ate.
The church near us reminded us of the time every hour with it’s a bell.

The Histoical Chapel Bridge
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A final visit.

After a quick breakfast and getting ready to leave the hotel, it came to our attention that we are well ahead and have 1-hour spare before our check out. So, why not take a walk and explore the city a little bit. We are here travelling to discover new places after all. Not to just keeping our butt inside the hotel room. Under the clear weather, the city of Lucerne was well exposed. And, we were happy to walk around the beautiful river chapel bridge and the mountains were behind it. There were a decent amount of restaurants and hotels and a flock of tourists on both sides of the river.It’s a common sight though. You find the same amount of restaurants and tourists near canals of Venice or the coast of Normandy. As mentioned earlier,  the city has kept the majority of the ancient architectures, stairs, paintings on the wall, old cascades. It made sense why this city resembles a little bit of like Venice: River, little alleyways, old historical architectures, little fountains, stone-made pathways and NO CARS!! ( except those for delivery or the construction works). 
Well, time to check out had arrived and after that, we headed to the station to catch the train to Zurich. Lucky for us, there was a train in 5 minutes and we didn’t waste any time to catch that train.
1 hour to get to Zurich. 

Next stop: Zurich.

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