Travelling in Montreux, Switzerland

Montreux Switzerland


After Checking out at 10 am we had a coffee and noodles (because it is cheap) and took the train to Montreux at 13.12h.undefined
Arrived at Montreux at 14.12h. Asked information for our next stop in advance. Then headed to our hotel to check-in: le bon port. We walked through the Christmas market by the lake. Our first impression. Wow! Montreux has things to offer us I am sure. Also, our room is 2 times bigger than our previous stay and no bunk bed. Thank God!!!
After making ourselves at home, we had decided to go for a walk alongside the Lake Léman. We were looking for a quiet place where we could fly our DJI Mavic Mini drone. Quick pro-tip. Always check if you are allowed to fly your drone legally at your location to respect the law and public safety. Anyway well….we did fly the drone. I panicked. My wife was losing it with stress. Reasons: it was flying over the water of lake leman. If it fell in the water on our 2nd day, we would not only be 500 euro poor but it would be a bad start. Too many birds were making us nervous too. Even worse, the drone went so far that I could not hear or see it anymore. So, I felt like vomiting. Other than that, we got some pretty sick footages. undefined
Then, we headed to do some groceries at Migros (équivalent of Carrefour)  such as breakfast for the next two days, instant coffees, some bread, cheese and meat for dinner. undefined
No alcohol though because, unlike France, they do not sell alcohol in the supermarket. We didn’t have any stove, microwave or refrigerator in the hotel. Just a kettle and a couple of cups.  So, we kept the Soft drinks outside the window to make it cold. It’s around 0° outside at night. So, why not. Also, we are doing our laundry in the hotel sink. Because not all places have laundry and you gotta stay clean nonetheless
The first day of the journey took a toll on our old bodies.
So 2nd day (or first evening) in Montreux is more like a day for recovery from Gevena travel and setting up our camp.

It is surreal!!

A castle, Lake and a Mountain.

Montreux officially has welcomed us with its heaven like mountain and lake view. This is Switzerland!!
After a rather needed goodnight sleep, we had a quick breakfast and decided to head to the Chillon Castle. At the reception, the host has provided us with a couple of passes to travel using public transport for free. And 50% reduced the price of a tourist museum. The tram lines are usually along the lake with mountain view. We could see mountains everywhere peaking through the buildings, thanks to the beautiful sunny weather with good visibility. We took a tram (Line 201) to the Castle. We could walk there but decided to get back on foot instead for two reasons:
1: Geneva taught us that, preserve energy for the next day. We are not young anymore.
2: Take photographs and videos while enjoying a nice walk back to the hotel.


That’s what we felt once we got off the tram. This kind of views is only seen in postcards or movies. A castle, next to a beautiful lake, a majestic white mountain standing on the other end with pride, a touch of mist on water, colourful trees, swans are passing by, it’s sunny with a touch of cold wind and a bunch of Chinese tourists who don’t want to move too that we could get our chances to take photographs one day. Well, this was extraordinarily photogenic. You can look from any angle and it’s just pretty. So, we tried our best to make our photography dreams come true. We didn’t go inside the castle though. We then took the route via lakeside to walk back to the hotel while giving complement to this incredible heaven like lake and mountain view. 

Flying the Drone:

A screenshot of the drone Footage

At last! The moment of opportunity. We found a lovely wide spot alongside the lake where we could fly the drone to take advantage of this view. It’s also pretty quiet, far from public trains, roads and completely legal to fly. Perfect. It was, however, stressful because we are not a professional drone pilot. But it went well so far. After all the excitement and adventure we decided to head back to the hotel. And a quick stop at Migros to get some lunch.

Queen studio experience 

Did you know that Montreux is also known for Queen and Freddie Mercury? Why? They were here to record some of their most famous titles right here in Montreux. undefinedSuch as:  Made in Heaven.
If you search for the Studio, it’s inside the casino.

Chistmas Market in Montreux (Album)

An evening at the montreux festival

This is potentially the biggest francophone comedy festival in the world. But we are going to “Version Anglaise” where there were comedians from Netherlands, South Africa, UK, USA, India gave their best jokes to entertain us. Also, it is their 6 years of anniversary while the French one celebrates its 30 years. Fun night! Highly recommended.
And with that, we have ended our stay in the beautiful Montreux.

Few interesting facts:

No many bars open after 11 pm.
The supermarket does not sell alcohol (At least I didn’t find any in MIGROS) Banks open Monday to Friday so don’t expect to change money during the weekend or go to the train station. Not much difference between euro and Swiss franc. 1euro=1,05 CHF

Some bonus photos
Next stop : Interlaken 

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