Visiting Geneva

At gare de lyon, about to get on this train to Geneva, Switzerland

At 12.34 we have arrived in Geneva, Switzerland. The train was 10 minutes late. It didn’t really bother us. Our hostel was approximately 10 minutes of walking distance from the station. We asked someone in the station for instructions to catch the train for Montreux. Like which platform and what to do to use our interrail Global Pass. By doing so, we would not be lost or stressed the day after. 

The Hostel

At 1 pm we have arrived at the hostel. Funny story, the receptionist gentleman is from ile de la Réunion. Where we are going to live in future. The name of the hostel is The City Hostel. One of the budget hostel we could find. €, 86 Euro for a night with a bunk bed for 2 people. Highly recommended. Pretty neat, well organized and clean. The hostel gave us a few suggestions to look around in Geneva city and tips to get around. Also, he gave each of us a free travel pass to get around by public transportation of the city of Geneva. This is actually coming with the tax city included in the hostel price. On top of that, 50% discount at the Red Cross museum if we show this transportation card. So far pretty happy with everything. Our room was small but it was clean and just enough to lay our head for the night.

The Horror!

——————-We have started to unpack and set our camp inside the room. Then I have realized, my laptop plug doesn’t fit in the Swiss power points.
Rooky mistake. We thought we were prepared for everything but forgot to learn about that piece of information. French male power plugs are 4.8mm in diameter where swiss is 4mm. Luckily there were USB ports to charge our phones and other electronic devices. Lesson learned. 
Anyway, moving on with the day we took the tram to have a look at the United Nations building.undefined
We didn’t have time to visit it to become a real tourist. After 15 minutes of our short stay, we headed to Leman Lake by tramundefined.
We walked through the Mon Repos (My rest) Park. And walking alongside the lake. It was pretty cloudy unfortunately hence the mountains were not visible at all.

We saw the big flower English clock in the park called THE ENGLISH GARDEN.


But the highlight of this park and lake was an apricot tree. With actual apricot.

The apricot tree of THE ENGLISH GARDEN
Fresh apricot.

I have never seen one apricot tree before.
Anyway, the coast of the lake was full of boats with many birds, fancy hotels, big bank buildings and other unknown big fancy houses where probably the rich Italian mafia, diplomats, or some African rich Army Generals are living to hide their legal money. Who knows…But that lakeside is certainly protected I realized because my DJI drone refused to fly automatically.

After a quick drink pause, we have resumed our quest. We had a walk around the old town of Geneva, cathedral and then back to the lakeside.undefined undefined undefined undefined
We enjoyed a nice fondue for dinner. The Swiss speciality. It’s basically dipping bread liquefied cheese. It’s fatty. It’s heavy. It’s good. 

Fondue. Swiss Speciality
It is fatty. It is good!

And with that, we have ended our first day in Switzerland. And started our first day of vagabond life for the next 100 days. 
Transport facility is great.
 French, German and Italian as Swiss languages. Then English and Portuguese language speakers.
Not so touristic one day is more than enough. 
Get a converter for power points. 

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